As for me, I am usually late. Sometimes I live with my everything in a country ghost town, and there are snowy mountains in my back yard. Sometimes I live in a crappy trailer in somebody's back yard across Logsden Road from the Siletz River. I hate telephones. I teach middle school, and construct purposeless machines to hang on the wall. I drive like a lunatic and I think too much. I chase thunderstorms into the desert. I am a narcissist, but I think certain other people are interesting, too. I don't run over possums on purpose, but sometimes it's tempting. I like things that are sort of worn around the edges. I don't eat molluscs at the moment, but I am thinking of starting. I have nightmares. I ask people to take off their sunglasses when they talk to me. I am a Siletz Indian, and put on feathers and dance around a fire at Solstice. I use power tools recklessly, but I still have all my fingers. I have no idea what will happen next, and that's as it should be. Blah blah blah.