Project Fall Equinox

Run to the Rogue
Genealogy PowerPoint
Winter Solstice

Smith River Nadosh
Geneaology Spring Equinox

Mussels Gathering
Traditional Foods
Feast at Seal Rock
Summer Solstice

Siletz Nadosh
Traditional Foods
Dee Ni language video scrapbook
Scrapbook continued
Activity Dance House
Introduction to course
Body Maps with Kindergarteners Archival research Gathering fieldtrip - Drift Creek or Coast Dancehouse Visit Basketry Materials Gathering Foods Gathering Tour administration building Address Council Culture Camp,
Pow Wow,
Community language lessons, and other summertime activities.
Vocabulary Words and sentences:
practical alphabet
Words and sentences:
Practical Alphabet
Numbers to 10
Words and Sentences:
classroom conversation
body parts
Words and sentences:
Place names
Words and sentences:
family and kin
materials - gathering
Words and sentences:
Plants and animals
Words and sentences:
Table Talk
Greetings and Goodbyes
Words and sentences:
Foods and food preparation
Words and sentences: Government and Law
Grammar Parts of speech Noun conjugation Verb conjugation Conjugation/Structure
Vocab assessment
Conjugation/Structure review
Writing and Speaking;
Reading and Listening
Start scrapbook: Introduction to Documentation Scrapbook: Visiting elder Numbers/Colors flashcards Practical Alphabet assessment Colors and Numbers vocabulary assessment Scrapbook:
classroom activities
Body Parts Assessment:
Family tree template
Names and English words "phonetic translation"
Cumulative vocabulary Assessment Plants and Animals Picture books Table Talk activities Greetings and Good-byes
Home activity:
Geneology presentations Write address to council Conversational ability interviews

Video Scrapbook completion Video Scrapbook Presentations at Community Center
History and Culture History: Rogue Wars, Forced Removal Siletz Culture: Cultural Overview Cultural overview, continued Siletz Culture: Money History: Precontact Tribes and Bands Mapping activity Culture: Gambling Culture: Regalia Culture: Creation History and Culture:
History and Culture:
History: Reservation/Termination/
Culture: Traditional Foods Culture:
Culture: Tribal Government Student government Culminative culture and language assessment