Project Project:
Genealogy PowerPoint
Traditional Foods
Dee Ni language video scrapbook
Activity Visit to dance house Run to the Rogue field trip Archival research Gathering fieldtrip - Drift Creek or Coast Dancehouse visit Tour administration building Address Council Potluck/Feast
Vocabulary Words and sentences:
Words and sentences:
Practical Alphabet
Numbers to 10
Words and Sentences:
classroom conversation
body parts
Words and sentences:
Place names
Words and sentences:
family and kin
materials - gathering
Words and sentences:
Plants and animals
Words and sentences:
Table Talk
Greetings and Goodbyes
Words and sentences:
Foods and food preparation
Words and sentences: Government and Law
Grammar Parts of speech Noun conjugation Verb conjugation Conjugation/Structure
Vocab assessment
Conjugation/Structure review
Writing and Speaking;
Reading and Listening
Start scrapbook: Documentation intro Scrapbook: Visiting elder Numbers/Colors flashcards Practical Alphabet assessment Body parts flashcards Colors and Numbers vocabulary assessment Scrapbook:
classroom activities
Family tree template
Names and English words phonetic translation
Cumulative vocabulary Assessment Plants and Animals Picture books Table Talk activities Greetings and Good-byes
Home activity:
Geneology presentations Write address to council Conversational ability interviews

Video Scrapbook completion
Culture Creation Siletz Culture: Cultural Overview History: Rogue Wars, Forced Removal Cultural overview, continued Siletz Culture: Money History: Precontact Tribes and Bands Mapping activity Gambling Siletz Culture: Basketry Culture: Regalia History: Review History: Quiz Creation Culture: Review Culture: Quiz Culture: Traditional Foods History: Reservation/Termination/
Traditional Foods, cont. Culture: Tribal Government Student government Culminative culture and language assessment